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SPEKVA offers unique solutions for your kitchen and bathroom in terms of worktops, tables, shelves and canopies etc.

All solutions are tailor-made and adjusted to your precise needs and wishes.

SPEKVA offers a unique range of solid wooden worktops, where you can choose between 20 different wood types. The range is divided into 5 product lines.

Why choose wood?

Wood is one of nature’s finest and strongest raw materials and down through the ages it has been used for multiple purposes, such as houses, boats, bath tubs etc. 

Wood radiates warmth and comes in a great number of different shades. Not two pieces of wood are identical and the various solutions SPEKVA offer makes each individual solid wooden worktop unique. 

SPEKVA have developed a selection of maintenance products to ensure that your solid wooden worktop maintains a beautiful surface and stays protected so it lasts many years ahead.